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Congratulations! If you are reading this, you have started thinking about home ownership and you deserve to thank yourself for getting to this point! Now that are thinking about purchasing home, now what? This is where we can help.

There are several people involved in purchasing a home, a lender, home inspector, septic inspector, realtor, closing company and more. The first two players in a home purchase is the lender and Realtor. Before you begin looking at homes, you will want to determine what loan options are available for you. Every lender has different loan options, and each individuals finances are unique to them. By talking to a lender, they will go over mortgage options that would be available to you. Some require money down, some require no money down, interest rates vary and home requirements can vary by lending type. The lender will also provide the budget, or price range for the homes you can purchase.

Once you have talked to a lender, the next person to reach out to is a Real Estate Agent. As a buyer, you are entitled to your own agent representation. There are many ways in which a real estate agent can represent a client. What this means is that you can hire a real estate brokerage firm (the company) and specific real estate agent (the person) to represent you and work in your best interest throughout the purchase of your home. A Real Estate Agent can show you homes, assist with paperwork and guide you through the home buying process to help ensure you are aware of all your options and moving into a home you know is safe. The real estate agent will stay with you throughout the entire process, and work with you to go through inspections, which a licensed professional would perform, negotiations, and the closing process.

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